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Elder Eric A. Williams was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he married Iris J. Williams. He is the proud father of four beautiful children: Erica, Alexis, Eric, and Jalen. He is also a proud grandfather to Bronston Octave, Jr.

Pastor Williams attended Delgado Community College and Southern University at New Orleans, where he majored in Business Management. God allowed him to be one of the first of many instructors at the Darryl. S. Brister College and Theological Seminary, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In 1995, Pastor Williams humbly submitted to the call of God for his life, under the leadership of his Pastor, Bishop Darryl S. Brister, Apostle/Overseer of Beacon Light International Ministries. He served as the New Members Pastor for many years. He was licensed to preach the Gospel in 1996 and on January 31, 1997, he was ordained as Elder.

On April 29, 2007, a historical transition occurred for the Family of Light, when Elder Eric A. Williams and Lady Iris J. Williams were installed as Pastor and First Lady of Beacon Light Baptist Church of Baton Rouge. Under Pastor Williams’ leadership, Beacon Light has undoubtedly become a mere “beacon of light” in the Baton Rouge community.

Intercessory Prayer, Light of Praise Dance Ministry, Greeters and Ushers Ministry, Media Ministry, Homework Assistance Program, Frontline Warriors Men’s Ministry, Jewels of Light Pre-teen/Teen Female Ministry, School Mentoring Program, Evangelism, Hospitality, Healing and Recover, Parking Lot, Marriage Ministry and New Members Ministry are just a few of the ministries and programs initiated since Pastor Williams’ assignment began at Beacon Light of Baton Rouge.

Pastor Williams is a visionary and very often proclaims, “It’s Already Done.” Pastor Williams is committed to God, as well as to God’s people. His heart’s desire is to see the people of God blessed spiritually, physically, and financially, in order to receive everything God has for them. As a result of him being instrumental in the works of God Almighty, Beacon Light of Baton Rouge’s membership has flourished from several hundreds to several thousands within a short number of years. Pastor Williams remains humble and is nevertheless, amazed by the hand of God and his gracious acts. His life is a living testimony as he is a living miracle.

Pastor Williams is an exceptional leader in ministry, as well as the Baton Rouge community. It is factual that he possesses the God-given gift as a Minister of the Gospel, as well as a big heart. He gives in many capacities, as it relates to people and the community. Pastor Williams, a selfless Man of God, practices the gift of giving at all times. He is truly a spiritual father and guide to many members and non-members alike. He is the most down to earth person and best Pastor on this side of Heaven.

Pastor Williams always has an in-season word from God, that ministers to one’s spirit, heart, mind and soul. He is always careful to deliver in a manner that can be applicable to the lives of many.


Born and reared in New Orleans, Iris J. Williams married Elder Eric A. Williams. She is the proud mother of two handsome boys Eric and Jalen Williams, two beautiful daughters entering marriage, Erica and Alexis Williams and one grand-son affectionately called “BJ.”

Lady Iris, is a graduate from Marion Abramson Senior High School and later went on to attend Southern University of New Orleans.

In 1991, Lady Iris began classes at Moler’s Beauty College. After receiving her cosmetology license, she opened her own beauty salon. Lady Iris worked as a stylist and salon owner until Hurricane Katrina destroyed the city of New Orleans forcing her and her family to relocate. She has been doing hair over 20 years.

In 1995 she became a member Beacon Light Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Bishop Darryl S. Brister. Lady Iris served in the Hospitality and New Member’s ministry where she affected the lives of others.

In 2007, Lady Iris became the First Lady of Beacon Light Church of Baton Rouge, where she currently serves as the Director of “WOW” Women of Worship. Lady Iris holds the future of young girls close to her heart. Under her leadership, she started the Jewels of Light. This is a young group of girls in our ministry ages 9-18 who are involved in community service, excel in school and are focused on being Christian young ladies by living a life of purity.

Iris Williams is also an advocate against domestic violence and often hold seminars and participate in domestic violence community awareness projects! Her goal is to make an impact on women the best way she can by providing women with the necessary resources to make good decisions!

Lady Iris J. Williams is not only loved by many, but she is highly respected in ministry as well as in the community!

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